PCB Potting Material

05-21 | Industry

PCB potting is a method used to protect a circuit board (also known as a substrate) by filling it with a liquid material called potting compound or potting resin. The casing of a sealing compound filling device typically covers the entire circuit boar

Multilayer PCB Board Test Technology

05-21 | Industry

The packaging density of multilayer PCB boards is increasing rapidly. As a result, automatic detection is crucial and cost-effective, even for low-density multilayer PCB boards. There are two standard methods for complex multilayer PCB board detection

SMT Placement Machine And Reflow Soldering

05-21 | Industry

Due to the continuous miniaturization of PCB boards in electronic products, chip components have appeared, and traditional soldering methods can no longer meet the needs. Initially, only the reflow soldering process was used in the assembly of ...

Embedded PCB Circuit - Printed Circuit Board(PCB)

05-21 | Industry

With the miniaturization, thinning, and high speed of electronic products, the assembly density of components on the PCB is increasing, and the transmission speed of electrical signals is also getting faster. However, simply increasing the wiring ...

How to Design a Better PCB

05-21 | Industry

The proper design of a printed circuit board (PCB) is crucial for the success of a project. It's essential to have the right materials and expertise from the beginning. PCB fabrication and manufacturing start with the right design. Many PCBs fail due

Material Description of Multilayer PCB Circuit Board

05-21 | Industry

Many professionals in the multi-layer PCB circuit board industry are aware that numerous factors impact the quality of PCB circuit boards. These factors include SMT patch processing equipment, processes, technology, and PCB circuit board design.

Classification of SMT reflow welding problems

04-22 | Industry

The last step in the SMT section's manufacturing of a fr4 PCB is reflow soldering. Lack of tin, short circuit, side standing, offset, missing parts, many parts, incorrect parts, reversal, monument, crack, tin bead, poor soldering, hole, and glossiness

PCB Copper Experience | China PCBA Supplier

04-09 | Industry

The purpose of copper coating on a PCB is to reduce ground impedance, improve anti-interference ability, minimize voltage drop, enhance power efficiency, and connect with the ground to minimize the loop area. If the PCB has more ground, there ...

Introduction to PCB Printed Circuit Board

04-09 | Industry

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, which is a conductive pattern made of printed circuits, printed components, or a combination of the two on the insulating material according to a predetermined design. The conductive pattern that provides ...

PCBA Repair Process | Leading PCB Assembly Manufacturer

04-09 | Industry

During the SMT patch processing production process, problems in the entire PCBA manufacturing process or use can lead to abnormal work or even poor product performance. In such cases, repair and maintenance of the circuit board inside may be necessary

Precautions for PCBA Manual Soldering

04-07 | Industry

Currently, there is a growing demand for environmental protection and stronger measures in link governance in the country. This poses a challenge as well as an opportunity for PCB factories. By actively addressing the issue of environmental pollution.

High Speed PCB Design Guide

04-07 | Industry

But what is a high-speed circuit? Generally, if the frequency of the digital logic circuit reaches or exceeds 45-50 MHz, and the circuit operating above this frequency already accounts for a certain amount (for example, 1/3) of the entire electronic .



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