What is the development trend of the SMT production line? | China PCBA Supplier

01-25 | Industry

In the evolution of PCBA industry, the development trend of the SMT production line is undoubtedly a inportment part. What is the development trend of the SMT patch production line?Our factory will development as follows,

The Difference Between PCB And PCBA | China PCBA Supplier

01-25 | Industry

PCB refers to the circuit board and PCBA refers to the circuit board plug-in assembly, added SMT and DIP process. PCB is a bare board and PCBA is a finished board. PCB is called a “printed circuit board.” It is made of a glass epoxy resin material

A Professional PCB Prototype Provider | China PCBA Supplier

01-25 | Industry

Before a PCB assembler can turn the prototype design into a working product, most need a full complement of information related to the project: 1. Gerber files in RS-274X format

KingshengPCBA Main Services Provided | China PCBA Supplier

01-25 | Industry

Quick PCBA Copy, Cloned Cost at USD500 below is free of charge, 2-3 weeks we can provide 2-3pcs physical PCBA samples for customers' verified purpose. PCB Assembly for mass production, daily capability is 150000pcs of PCBAs.

KingshengPCBA Quality Improve Action | China PCBA Supplier

01-25 | Industry

Quality improvement activities. Quality improvement conference(Sponsor SSHQ). Participate in conference by Sanyo. Commend excellent production line.Collect and commend to improved sales’case. Collect and commend to quality publicity poster.

A Firm PCB Assembly Manufacturer Located in Shenzhen - KingSheng PCBA

01-25 | Industry

Kingsheng PCBA Tech Co.,Ltd, a Shenzhen-based firm specializing in prototype and low volume printed circuit board assembly. We have completed the construction of a new PCB assembly production line.

How do you reduce the cost of your board and make the PCB fabrication and assembly process painless?

01-25 | Industry

The answer is ensuring manufacturability through design for manufacturability (DFM). DFM set design guidelines that take into account the processes and capabilities of the manufacturing industry.

Professional PCB&PCBA manufacturer KingSheng PCBA | China PCBA Supplier

01-25 | Industry

We are original PCB Assembly manufacturer speialized in PCB & PCBA feld more than 12 years, with the advantage of quality and price. Our Advanced Equipments introduction in PCBA plant:a. 8 Automatic SMT equipment lines.

ShenZhen top quality pcb&pcba supplier KingSheng PCBA

01-25 | Industry

100% lnspection before Delivery a. Before we produce the prodcuts, we need to know the quality standard and test procedure. Our Kingsheng can provide free of charge testing services within 1 minute. It means we'd like to test for our customers in ord

KingshengPCBA PCBA Assembly Process | China PCBA Supplier

01-25 | Industry

PCB Assembly includes layout, fabrication and assembly. We also have monthly abilities of offering 35,000 square meters PCB, 80 million point SMT and introduce ICT, flying probe, AOI, X-ray, function test, burn-in test into inspection phase. We can he

SMT Assembly Services | China PCB Assembly Supplier

01-25 | Industry

In order to fulfill various customer demand, KingshengPCBA can manage business of SMT assembly along with components supplied by customer. Sometimes, we also take responsibility of PCB manufacturing. The PCB assembly services would be offered by our

How KingshengPCBA control quality? How to protect sensitive components?

01-25 | Industry

KingshengPCBA quality control include:Thermal cycle test, Thermal shock test, Monomer impact test, Monomer vibration test, High/Low temperature action test, Package falling test , Package vibration test, High/Low temperature store test



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