The Links In One-stop PCBA Assembly

04-07 | Industry

PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is a complex process that involves several steps including PCB circuit board manufacturing, component procurement and inspection, SMT (Surface Mount Technology) chip processing, plug-in processing, program firing.

PCBA Manufacturability Design

04-03 | Industry

At KSPCBA, we specialize in high-precision and high-quality PCB manufacturing, including high-frequency PCB, high-speed PCB, ic substrate, ic test board, impedance PCB, HDI PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, buried blind PCB, advanced PCB, microwave PCB ...

Reliability Tests For PCBA Processing

04-03 | Industry

Reliability testing is an essential part of the PCBA processing process, but it is often ignored by manufacturers. They assume that as long as the PCBA board passes the functional test, it will be accepted by the end customer. However, many PCBA ...

Flexible PCB Electrical Test

04-03 | Industry

During the production process of flexible circuit PCBs, external circuits can cause short circuits, open circuits, and electric leakage. As PCBs continue to evolve towards high density, fine pitch, and multi-level, screening for defective boards ...

PCBA Quick Proofing Process

04-02 | Industry

PCBA proofing is a crucial step that needs to be conducted before mass production. The main objective of proofing is to verify the reasonableness of the product design, detect any issues at the lowest cost possible, and save costs for subsequent ...

PCBA Processing Technology | PCB Assembly Manufacturer

04-02 | Industry

The PCBA process is a combination of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Dual In-line Package (DIP) manufacturing processes. It can be divided into different production technologies like single-sided SMT mounting, single-sided DIP insertion ...

SMT-PCB Design Principles

04-02 | Industry

The layout of components on an SMT-PCB is crucial for preventing issues during welding. To avoid drifting or the "tombstone" phenomenon, the long axis of components should be perpendicular to the direction of the conveyor belt on the reflow ...

PCBA Factories Provide OEM service

03-29 | Industry

The above are the advantages of PCBA OEM services. KSPCBA specializes in providing one-stop OEM services for PCB circuit boards, component procurement, SMT processing, and PCBA assembly and testing.

The role of SPI in SMT

03-29 | Industry

SPI is not only used to prevent the quality of solder paste printing but also to control and prevent maintenance costs in the later stages. This helps to improve production capacity and increase profits. With the precision of electronic manufacturing

Circuit board PCB design and process

03-29 | Industry

For PCB design, double or multi-panel is typically used, with each layer having a clear functional distinction. There are two types of packages in a multi-layer structure - pin package, where the via hole of the solder joint goes through the entire ..

Methods for PCB Heat Dissipation

03-27 | Industry

When it comes to circuit board heat dissipation, I am reminded of the mobile phones that we often use in our daily lives. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, which heats up during use. This is caused by the internal components of the mobile phone.

How to wash PCBA?

03-27 | Industry

These residues not only affect the appearance but also impact the quality of the PCBA. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the PCBA. In this text, I will introduce two methods of cleaning a PCBA: manual cleaning and automatic cleaning.



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