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Automotive PCB is a printed circuit board made according to specific circuit requirements. According to the size and complexity of the circuit board, automotive PCBs can be presented in various forms such as single-layer boards, double-layer boards, multi-layer boards, rigid boards, flexible boards, etc.

In the automotive industry, PCBs are currently used in various fields, including control systems, audio and video systems, GPS modules, and more, with a wide range of application scenarios. The level of automotive electronics will continue to improve in the future, and the demand for automotive PCB applications will continue to increase. The development trend of automotive PCBs is good. Under the trend of intelligence and electrification, the number of automotive electronic devices is constantly increasing, and the automotive PCB market is also expanding. In the future, with the development of 5G and IoT intelligent technology, automotive electrification will deepen, and the automotive PCB market will also usher in broader development.

As the carrier of electronic components, automotive PCBs play an important role and position in the electronic control system of the entire vehicle. Automotive PCBs are mainly divided into two categories: control unit boards and power boards. Control unit board: mainly used for signal and data processing of core modules such as automotive engine, transmission, braking system, body electronics, safety system, etc., to achieve system control and adjustment. Power board: mainly used for tasks such as voltage stabilization, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection of the entire vehicle electronic system, to ensure the stable operation of the entire vehicle electronic system.

Developing new energy vehicles and autonomous driving technology has also provided more opportunities for the automotive PCB market. With the deepening electrification of new energy vehicles, their demand for automotive PCBs will continue to increase. At the same time, with the application of autonomous driving technology, there will be a significant increase in connected devices inside and outside the car, and the automotive PCB market will further improve as a result. In the future, automotive PCBs will face many challenges and opportunities. With the continuous upgrading and development of automotive electronic systems, the performance requirements of automotive PCBs will become increasingly high, such as high temperature, high humidity, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. In addition, automotive PCBs also need to meet environmental protection requirements, reliability, safety, and other aspects.

Due to the special working environment, safety, and high current requirements of automobiles, they have very strict requirements for the reliability and environmental adaptability of PCB circuit boards, which also makes PCBA processing a high threshold. The processing process of automotive PCBA involves a wide range of aspects, including many quality control details. Without strict quality control standards, it may lead to inspection failure. In severe cases, it may result in the entire batch of automotive PCBA being scrapped or repaired, which has already caused serious quality accidents.

The quality control of automotive PCB assembly processing includes two aspects, namely electronic components and PCB circuit boards.

1. In terms of electronic components

To ensure the quality and quality of electronic components, KingShengPCBA, as a professional OEM and material supplier, has strict supplier selection standards and generally conducts comprehensive inspections based on the qualifications and experience of suppliers. In addition, there are dedicated positions responsible for inspecting purchased electronic components, laying a solid foundation for the high quality of PCB assembly products.

2. In terms of PCB circuit boards

Firstly, it is necessary for engineering to analyze the process required by the customer based on their PCB Gerber files and PCB board-making files. At the same time, it is necessary to submit a manufacturability report (DFM) for this process. There are also many small processing plants and even some companies that do not have very strict quality control and lack process management, and they do not attach great importance to the manufacturability report. Just blindly taking orders to solve problems in production. This seemingly time-saving and efficient approach is the most prone to quality issues caused by customer PCB design defects. At the same time, it will also cause a large amount of rework and repair. Not only can the delivery time not be met, but it will also lead to an increase in costs.

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