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 Shenzhen KingshengPCBA Tech Co.,Ltd (HK C-Alley Co.,Ltd), an professional PCBA manufactuer and electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider for 12years.SMT factory has ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 certification, advanced production equipment and rich experience in the production of PCBA. more

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Common testing equipment for PCBA process
Common testing equipment for PCBA process
SPI inspection: Solder Paste inspection solder paste test. SPI can detect the printing quality of solder paste, and can detect the height, area, volume, offset, short circuit, etc. of solder paste.
AOI inspection: Automatic optical inspection automatic optical inspection. It is used to inspect the soldering quality of the reflow soldered PCBA, so as to discover and eliminate defects such as less tin, less material, virtual soldering, and continuous tin in time.
X-RAY detection. X-RAY uses X-ray penetration to detect the internal structural quality of electronic components, semiconductor packaging products, and the welding quality of various types of SMT solder joints.
ICT detection: In Circuit Tester automatic online tester. ICT automatic online tester is mainly for production process control, which can measure resistance, capacitance, inductance and integrated circuits.
ATE testing: Automatic Test Equipment integrated circuit (IC) automatic testing machine is used to test the functional integrity of integrated circuits. It is the final process of integrated circuit manufacturing to ensure the quality of integrated circuit manufacturing.
FCT test: Functional Circuit Test functional test - specifically refers to the functional test of PCBA.