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About us
 Shenzhen KingshengPCBA Tech Co.,Ltd (HK C-Alley Co.,Ltd), an professional PCBA manufactuer and electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider for 12years.SMT factory has ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 certification, advanced production equipment and rich experience in the production of PCBA. more

Worktime : 10:00-19:30 (Beijing time)

Website:      www.kingshengpcba.com

Contact Person : Sulin Huang

Business Telephone :+86-755-27442301

Mobile Phone: +86-13828766801

Skype :   kingsheng.pcba10

Email :   manager@c-alley.com

Factory Add:  Floor 2, Building 6, The 3rd Industrial Zone of Tangtou, Shiyan, Baoan District,Shenzhen,GuangDong,China 518108

The Function of SOP
The Function of SOP
1. Record the technology and experience accumulated by the enterprise in standard documents to avoid the loss of technology due to the flow of technical personnel;
2. Enable operators to quickly master more advanced and reasonable operating techniques after short-term training;
3. According to the operating standards, it is easy to trace the causes of defective products;
4. Realize the standardization of production management, the production process is organized, standardized, visualized and simplified;
5. Establish a good corporate image and enhance customer trust and satisfaction;
6. It is the most basic and effective management tool and technical information for enterprises.