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What tools are needed to make PCBA conformal coating?
PCBA conformal coating is also known as PCBA protective oil, PCBA waterproof glue, PCBA insulating paint, because it has three functions of waterproof, moisture-proof and dustproof for PCBA, so it is called "PCBA three-proof paint". What are the coating methods of PCBA conformal coating?
1. dipping: It is more economical for large equipment, but the thickness after coating will be influenced by the temperature, time, speed of extraction, vertical flow time, whether to add air knife and other factors.
2. Spraying: It is more economical for small and medium-sized equipment. When spraying is used, just like painting, the uniformity of the coating depends on the relative speed of movement, the spray position, the spray pressure, and whether there are higher parts. In addition, the bottom of the part cannot be sprayed and may require additional treatment.
3. Brushing: More economical for small equipment. When coating, it is easy to cause uneven coating due to the skill proficiency of coating, and you should also pay attention to the problem of brush hair loss. The bottom of the part is also more difficult to be coated.
4. Selective Coating: Although coating has many benefits, it often takes much time and labor, and you can also choose to use in the needed areas.
What tools are needed to make PCBA conformal coating? Such as paint box, rubber gloves, mask or gas mask, brush, American adhesive paper, tweezers, ventilation equipment, drying rack, oven. What are the technical requirements for making PCBA conformal coating:
1. Brush conformal paint protection must be made after testing, inspection and thorough cleaning before PCBA assembly.
2. The brush used should be kept clean and forbidden to be used for other operations; When painting, be careful, and not to drip into the parts that do not need to be painted; After use, the brush should be cleaned using thinners.
3. The coating layer should be transparent and evenly cover the PCB board and components, and the color and consistency should be uniform and consistent.
4. The process steps are: brush the A side → surface dry→ brush the B side → curing at room temperature
5. Spraying thickness is 0.1mm-0.3mm
6. All coating operations should be carried out under the condition of not less than 16 ℃ and relative humidity below 75%. PCB as a composite material will absorb moisture, if without dehumidification, conformal paint can not fully play a protective role. Pre-drying, vacuum drying can remove most of the moisture.