PCB Assembly Process - KingSheng PCBA

12-29 | Industry

PCB Assembly Process Introduction *SMT Process 1.Automatic Plate Machine 2.Solder Plate Printing 3.QC check printing effect 4.High Speed SMT Mounter 5.Generic SMT Mounter 6.Reflow Oven 7.AOI Inspection 8.Visual Inspection

Production Capability - KingSheng PCBA

12-02 | Industry

High Frequency & Radio Frequency Board, Impedance Controlled Board, HDI Board, BGA & Fine Pitch Board FR4, High TG, Rogers, Taconic and Aluminum PCB Board, Nanya & Taiyo, LPI & Matt Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, Black Solder Mask, HASL,

Standard Operation Procedure(SOP) - KingSheng PCBA

12-02 | Industry

At first we want to state what is SOP. It's the capitalization of the first letter of the three words "Standard Operating Procedure", which describes the standard operating procedures and requirements of an event in a uniform format.

Conformal Coating - KingSheng PCBA

12-02 | Industry

A conformal coating is a polymeric film applied to a printed circuit board (PCB) in order to protect the board and covers components from the environment and corrosion. Ultimately extending the working life of the PCB.

Guarantee Term - KingSheng PCBA

12-02 | Industry

Kingshengpcba company provide free of charge repairing for sold PCBAs within 5 years. For major problems from our side, we provide a free replacement within 3 years.

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