Security PCB Assembly

The security industry has emerged with the demand for security in modern society. With the progress and needs of society, as well as the improvement of people's living standards and security awareness, more advanced household anti-theft products will inevitably become the mainstream of security consumption and ultimately replace old security products. This is an inevitable trend of social progress.


Product Type

The security industry mainly includes monitoring systems, anti-theft alarm systems, parking lot management systems, infrared alarm systems, electronic fences, attendance access control systems, electronic examination room systems, intelligent door locks, and so on.

The three major products of security equipment - video surveillance, access control, and anti-theft alarm devices. Video surveillance remains the primary market. Video surveillance has high requirements for product quality and various production processes, especially in the PCB assembly process of the monitoring safety system. Security PCB assembly determines the core function of the monitoring safety system.



To provide higher-quality security PCB assembly services, KingshengPCBA continuously improves its technical capabilities, introduces high-precision equipment, and cultivates high-end talents in the security field. We are only willing to provide safer products and higher quality services. For security equipment, we can provide one-stop services from PCB design, DFMA services, SMT, DIP plugins, component procurement, and assembly testing. If you want us to provide security industry PCBA services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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